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Technology without boundaries

HBM’s platform is designed to give you the benefit of comprehensive and complete knowledge at all times. This complete and flexible system is built on proven technologies by our partner LINEDATA, a company with exclusive in-depth experience in developing software tailored to fund accounting needs.

Our web reporting capability provides immediate, accurate and complete information that is always current, allows for complete transparency, provides multiple reports including P&L, Balance Sheet and Shareholder Register, and an ability to easily drill down and view the detail necessary to improve your productivity and performance.

We use the LINEDATA suite consisting of MFact, MPartner and MShare to provide you with the most efficient service possible. Our systems are fully automated and have the ability to handle any type of fund of any size. It supports a wide range of sizes and types of transfer agency operations, from proprietary fund groups focusing on shareholder service and institutional groups serving high net-worth individuals to third-party transfer agencies and organizations serving large numbers of retail shareholders. Using these systems we provide a wide range services and reduce the chance of errors and produce faster valuations. Thanks to this software we can further cater to the individual needs of clients by providing customized reports, and an improved shareholder interaction to track client progress.

Linedata - MPartner (click to enlarge screenshot)

MPartner Linedata MPartner Linedata MPartner Linedata

Linedata - MShare (click to enlarge screenshot)

MPartner Linedata MPartner Linedata MPartner Linedata

In order to guarantee a stable and reliable IT environment, HBM Fund Services is supported 24-hours a day by HBM Group’s IT department, ensuring the continuity of our services.